Match day procedures


1. Ensure you have informed opposition as to the location of your ground, your Team colours, k.o. time etc, as per N.N.Y.F. League Rules 10(D)

2.Show Registration Cards.  No Cards; No FixtureNo Players Card; He / She does not Play

3.Ensure that team sheets are exchanged with all details, M.o.M, Goal Scorers, and Referees name (Even if a Parent or Volunteer, Name must be entered)

4.The Home Team Must inform the Fixture Secretary of Match result (Rule 11(A)(B) & (C)
Phone Between 6 & 8 pm or e-mail by 10 pm on the day of the fixture.

Printed Match reports to be received by the Fixture Secretary by 1st post Wednesday after fixture.

Nott’s Shield and All outside Compititions results must be given whether Home or Away


  1. 4 Players constitute a Team in Mini Soccer (5 x 5)
  2. 6 Players constitute a Team in Mini Soccer (7 x 7)
  3. 7 Players constitute a Team in 9 x 9
  4. 9 Players Constitute a Team in 11 a side

Substitute players in any match in this Competition may be selected from

  • 5 players (11 a side Matches)
  • 5 players (9 x 9)
  • 7 players (mini soccer

 The referee shall be informed of the names of the substitutes not later than 15 minutes before the start of the match.


Any changes in venue from the listing on the FA Full Time and N N Y F League web sites must be authorised by the appointed N N Y F League Fixture Secretary.  The appointed N N Y F League Referees Secretary must also be advised.  Failing to comply to the above will be in breach of N N Y F League Rule 5(H)

Download a copy of the Match day procedures